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Historic Fishguard

Fishguard is famous for its historic French invasion in 1797, led by a wayward American intent on attacking Bristol. This tiny coastal town was forced to fend off the might of 1400 men with only a small army, including approximately 400 women dressed in their Welsh costume of red cloaks and tall hats. Apparently they gave the impression of a much stronger force from a distance and it came down to one famous woman, Jemima Nicholson, to strike out and capture some of the French virtually single-handedly.

Visit the Old Fort at Lower Fishguard, Pembrokeshire
A stone memorial based at Llanwnda and an
extensive tapestry, now exhibited in Cardiff, commemorate their success in fighting off the French over 200 years ago. The remains of the fort, based at the quaint Lower Fishguard, are worth a visit owing to its impressive position and exposed cannons.

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